Crazy January Challenge 2011

The premise is quite simple: Choose 15 new patterns, and start them all within the first 15 days of January. The follow-through is where things get tricky: finish all 15 in 2011. I've accepted this challenge, and I'm ready to go!

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My Crazy January Challenge 15 (the tentative list):

1. The Bookshelf- Little House Needleworks
2. Peggy's Cove- Stoney Creek Collection
3. German Shepherd- Anchor
4. Catch the Wind- Butternut Road
5. Pincushion- X-Calibre Counted Blackwork
6. Quaker Pincushion- Milady's Needle
7. Zippity Do Da- La D Da 
8. Once Upon A Tree Sampler- Jeanette Douglas Designs
9. A Frosty Feast- Crossed Wing Collection
10. The Sheltering Tree- Folk Art Designs *
11. Peace Tree Ornament- M Designs
12. Plants of the Southwest
13. Noel 2009- A Mon Ami Pierre
14. Cirque des Carreaux- Ink Circles
15. Pattern From Robin

* these are subject to change if can get my hands on specific patterns I've been hunting around for OR if I come across something I can't live without :-)