Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Update!

Long time, no post!

I guess I'll start off with my Crazy January Challenge progress...of which there hasn't been much. You'd think that spending a lot of time in bed not feeling well and sitting in drs office waiting rooms would leave a person with a lot of time to stitch but I just haven't felt like it. So all I've been working on is my little German he is!

My only other news is that I had a race today, the Peterborough 5k, and it was awesome! I beat my last 5k time by several minutes and even reached my ultimate goal. For the last year I've always said that one of my major goals in running is to run a 30min 5k. The closest I've come is 32 something I think. So when I ran across the finish line and saw that the clock said 29:20 today I was EXCITED!! I didn't think it would be a good race because I've been feeling so crappy for the past month, but when I discovered that my race number was 887, I thought it might be okay LOL! Holly and I have this thing about numbers and signs. 8 is my favourite number, and 7 is her' obviously my race number would be lucky!!

Here are some pics from today!

My racekit....I totally respect any race that gives out Tostitos and dip LOL!

Starting can kind of see me to the right of Erin in the orange hoodie

Me and Erin at the finish line...I have no idea when or where I lost my right hairtie LOL

....and I suffered a major toe injury!

My Mom and Dad came to watch.....

And I stuck around to see Shantal finish her half marathon too!
That's it for today!! Thanks for visiting, I'll be back soon :-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Crazy January Challenge Finish!!

I put the very last stitches in my very first Challenge finish last night! I'm really happy with the outcome, and soooo excited to finally have a finish! My next focus is a smaller one- the German Shepherd..mostly because it's so small, so it's easy to just pick it up and take it with me whenever I go to the museum or to visit my parents, etc.

"Zippity Do Da" by Fa La La
Stitched on 14 count Light Oatmeal aida with DMC threads
 So it's about the middle of the month, which means I'm about halfway through my no-caffiene challenge! It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I had 3 days of intense headaches, and then...nothing! Although I've been having some majorly intense sugar cravings! I spend most of my free time now searching for anything sweet I can find and inhaling it. When the month is over and I can resume my love affair with coffee, I'm thinking I might cut back on the sugar LOL! I mostly miss drinking tea in the afternoon and having my weekly Starbucks latte. Although I did discover last week that I can ask for any latte I want to be decaf. So this week's treat will go back to normal, hopefully!

As for Ryan's month of veganism....I think it's going well! We've both cheated once. I ate some dark chocolate covered pomegranates, and figured I could even up the score when I caught him drooling over a tray of chocolate covered strawberries I was making at work the other day. I told him he could eat one, and I would overlook it, since it was Valentine's Day and he did. And now we're even again. He mostly misses cheese and chocolate milk apparently, and was very tempted by superbowl-type foods last weekend...but he resisted.

Well...hope you're all having a good week, I'm off!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy Sock Blog Party!!

Over at Seasons Of My Mind, Parsley is hosting a "crazy sock blog party" so I thought it might be fun to join in!

Here are my CRAZY socks:

I know what you're thinking...."these are NOT crazy socks, they're the dullest most ordinary gray socks you could possibly imagine." But if you'll take a closer look, you'll see that this simply isn't true!

Note the middle of my foot where the sock has an irritating band that hugs my arch in the most annoying way. This then makes the heel part and the toe part puff out and looks ridiculous. And then there's the issue that they're just too thick to fit into ANY of my shoes! What's CRAZY about these socks is that anyone would even consider wearing them! Yet I do....almost every day! What's that about?

I'm pretty sure it's because they remind me of Erin because she LOVES these socks and keeps trying to convert me to a regular wearer by buying them for me and lending me a pair here and a pair there. So far, I've only been able to wear them around the house and when it's really, really cold in my giant boots....

And that's the story of my CRAZY socks!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A few months ago I read on Vonna's blog about an organization called Love Quilts. This organization collects cross stitched squares and sews them into quilts to give to children who are suffering from illnesses. I decided to stitch a square as well, and chose Peyton's quilt because the theme was "the colour purple" which is one of my faves. Here's what I stitched-

Lizzie Kate "It's a Girl Thing"
Stitched on 16 count aida with DMC floss
It's headed for the post office in the morning...I can't wait to see how the whole quilt turns out once it's been put together!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here's my TUSAL post for February!

I doesn't look like there's been any progress from last month, but that's because I switched to a bigger jar, I swear!!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stitchy Update!

I almost have my first finish of the Crazy January Challenge! Almost.

I've been spending most of my stitchy time working on Zippity Do's my progress to date...

As is often the case, the colours are much bolder and "zippier" in real life. I'm hoping to have this one finished by the weekend!

There isn't much new here lately. I've been really sick for the last couple of weeks and much to my disdain I spent 5 days on the couch last week, until yesterday when I was forced back into real life...I now have work at all of my jobs and a massive snowstorm to contend with! I sucked up my great fear of doctors and visited mine for the first time in many many years yesterday as well, and he gave me some medication and booked some tests for next hopefully I'll start to feel better soon!