Sunday, February 6, 2011


A few months ago I read on Vonna's blog about an organization called Love Quilts. This organization collects cross stitched squares and sews them into quilts to give to children who are suffering from illnesses. I decided to stitch a square as well, and chose Peyton's quilt because the theme was "the colour purple" which is one of my faves. Here's what I stitched-

Lizzie Kate "It's a Girl Thing"
Stitched on 16 count aida with DMC floss
It's headed for the post office in the morning...I can't wait to see how the whole quilt turns out once it's been put together!


  1. Great design. Lovely Finish! :)

  2. It's a really cute design and perfect for her quilt :)
    I've got one going out today too...but this one is for Steven K.
    Thank you for stitching for LQ! It's a very worthy cause!

  3. How cute Jodie!!

    The applique' that you asked about is what I call "cheater applique' " as it is not needle-turn. I have ironed it on with a fuseable web and then I am using the button hole technique to tack it down.

  4. Hi,
    Pretty finish and I bet its going look lovely on the quilt!!!!

  5. That's perfect for a little girl's quilt!