Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Update!

Long time, no post!

I guess I'll start off with my Crazy January Challenge progress...of which there hasn't been much. You'd think that spending a lot of time in bed not feeling well and sitting in drs office waiting rooms would leave a person with a lot of time to stitch but I just haven't felt like it. So all I've been working on is my little German he is!

My only other news is that I had a race today, the Peterborough 5k, and it was awesome! I beat my last 5k time by several minutes and even reached my ultimate goal. For the last year I've always said that one of my major goals in running is to run a 30min 5k. The closest I've come is 32 something I think. So when I ran across the finish line and saw that the clock said 29:20 today I was EXCITED!! I didn't think it would be a good race because I've been feeling so crappy for the past month, but when I discovered that my race number was 887, I thought it might be okay LOL! Holly and I have this thing about numbers and signs. 8 is my favourite number, and 7 is her' obviously my race number would be lucky!!

Here are some pics from today!

My racekit....I totally respect any race that gives out Tostitos and dip LOL!

Starting can kind of see me to the right of Erin in the orange hoodie

Me and Erin at the finish line...I have no idea when or where I lost my right hairtie LOL

....and I suffered a major toe injury!

My Mom and Dad came to watch.....

And I stuck around to see Shantal finish her half marathon too!
That's it for today!! Thanks for visiting, I'll be back soon :-)


  1. Your German Shepherd WIP is looking great! So amazing that you beat your ultimate goal...WAY TO GO!!! I hope your toe is okay...ouch!

  2. Congratulations on your 5k finish and your new best time. I know how it feels to shave time off. I've done a couple of 5Ks - walked - and was exicted to shave of 25 seconds! I am so lame. I toy with the idea of following that couch to 5k training thingie but quick remind myself how old I am...... Anyway, the Friendship tree - at least you understand all the counting and following of the pattern. It takes concentrating! Can't wait to see you progress. PS I love you german sheppard!

  3. GSD looks great! I thought he would be bigger though lol.

    Congrats on beating your goal! :)
    Hope your toe is ok, it looks quite painful!