Friday, March 23, 2012

What, Oh What to Blog About?!

This is my dilemma of late. There hasn't been much stitching happening (but there will be on Sunday because I'm going to my parents for the night woohoo!) and there haven't been any significant life events to talk about. So I've just avoided blogging altogether.

So...hmm. Well, Finnigan and I discovered a local dog park. We now spend 2 hours there every afternoon. He plays with his friends and I've been cordially invited to join the "grey chair group"...a group of 3 people who are there at the same time every day. I couldn't be more thrilled hahaha! So I have people to chat with while Finn plays. The best part is that he comes home exhausted and sleeps for hours afterwards.

What else. Well, the Hunger Games comes out tonight at midnight here. Erin came from London to see it with me. It'll be a short visit, she has to leave tomorrow night. I work at 5 tomorrow morning so we aren't going to the midnight show...we're doing tomorrow afternoon.

It's been super-warm here the last few days....25 degrees!!!!! But it's starting to drop and will be back down to 4 by Monday. I did manage to fall asleep in my zero gravity chair reading and got a sunburn. Then I bought sunscreen....and it's rained ever since.

I made cookies this morning. They're insanely healthy and actually turned out really well! Here's the link to where I found them

The store I work in is taking part in setting a world record tomorrow....I think they're calling it "history in the breaking" and it involves the most people ever to simultaneously break a piece of parmigano reggiano cheese. It's rumored that each piece of cheese involved in the breaking cost $1500. I don't know....seems like the money could have been better spent paying employees more than minimum wage (wink-wink, nudge-nudge Loblaws Co.)

I guess I should show you some pictures of my handsome buddy Finn! OMG I'm such a pathetic proud Mama!

My beautiful boy at 4 months

This is what he does every day when I dry my hair....what a hoot!

On top of the world, playing with his friends at the park

Finn sleeping with his Doggie


  1. Hi,
    I'm suprise of your dog Finn he is not afraid of the blow dryer!!!!! My cats are really scare of it!!!!

  2. Hi,
    i have given you an award THE liebster award all details are in blog!!!!

  3. Such a cutie, Finn is! So how did you like "The Hunger Games"...I loved the book and just finished reading the second in the series. Waiting for the third one to arrive to my the books!!