Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

Hello there my stitchy friends!

As I'm sure you're all aware, Christmas is just around the corner! I had this oh so brilliant thought come to me last night while sitting around lamenting the benefits of saving money, that I would cut back on Christmas presents this year. Instead of buying everyone and their dog a present, I thought I'd make some instead! A little basket of homemade jam...made my yours truly of course, a little packet of cookies perhaps, or crackers to go with the jam (now there's a thought!), maybe a little decorative spreading knife or some such thing, and....wait for it......a stitched ornament!!!

The issue at hand is this: I have far too much stitching on the go as it is...see: Crazy January Challenge: Jodie's Epic Failure. So...do I continue on with the Challenge that will never end, or take a little break and stitch some ornaments? Oh dear, what a dilemma!


  1. personally, I know exactly how you are feeling. And you know what??? I am NOT signing up for any challenges next year......I want to be able to stitch what I want, when I want....
    I say do the ornaments....and I love your gift idea....I am planning to do some of the same things...the jam, cookies, etc...
    also, I have recipes for homemade popcorn seasonings....my thought?? Those, popcorn, a candle & magazine or movie..$5.00 walmart kind!

  2. I agree with Shari...do your ornaments and prepare for Christmas...enjoy making presents. Exchanges and SALs can wait. I did some SALs and round robins before, but the stress of having a deadline for things took the fun out of it. I am making Christmas things at the moment, and have made my cards ready for sending out...and this year I WILL remember to send them out:)

  3. It's called CRAZY January Challenge for a reason. I hear in 2012 it's going to be the Crazy WIP/UFO Challenge. :)

    My vote goes for stitching what you want to stitch. Enjoy!

  4. If it encouraged you to stitch, whether you completed most of your projects or not, then th challenge was successful! You've done some lovely work amid plenty of "true life" activities, so please don't call it an epic failure. Just enjoy what you're doing!