Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi everyone!
It's been quite a busy weekend, and none of it was spent stitching or quilting :-( or doing homework for that matter. So I suppose it was quite unproductive!

On Friday, which was the busiest day EVER (I swear, I never exaggerate) I had to get up early and put Cait on the bus. Which is fun. She's the most hilarious, smart and fun 9 year old I've ever met. So she chatted my ear off for a while while I had my coffee....then I stood with her in the freezing cold waiting for her bus...and off she went! I then hurried home and met a friend to go running. Which we did, quite unsuccessfully. She has a cold and was hacking away next to me, as I struggled to breathe, just...because. We decided to limit ourselves to just 3 kilometers because a) she was sick, and b) the wind was insane. So we lived, ate lunch, and then went to a meeting at the museum. THEN I headed back over to Holly's had dinner, and she, Cait and I went to watch Cait's dance teacher (and me and Holly's co-worker) in a dance competition. It was pretty cool! Then we all went to Tim's for coffee, which is always fun.

On Saturday Holly, Cait and I went to.....MAPLEFEST! It was so cool! Here in Ontario it's maple syrup season, and a lot of local sugar bushes have maple syrup festivals. Unfortunately all the snow has melted so we missed out on some cool things like snowshoeing, and making snow taffee. There was even talk of a snow canon, which would have been interesting I'm sure.

But we did get to visit the sugar shack and watch them make the syrup, which was neat, and smelled AMAZING.....

Then we sawed a chunk of wood off a log and had it stamped with a hot maple leaf press from the fire (yes, that is the technical terminology LOL)

But the best part was this guy. He was making candy and sugar from pure maple syrup...right in front of us! The process had something to do with cooking the syrup at such a high temperature that it hardens...or something. Honestly, the three of us were too busy shoving our way to the front of the group to get to the candy. Some innocent bystanders may or may not have been harmed in our quest for maple candy *smiles* stitching, and no homework. But this weekend is Easter and I'm going to visit my Grandpa. Between the 5 hour drive and the quiet, long evenings (he goes to bed quite early and I try to be quiet), I'll have a TON of time to work on Frosty...woohoo!!!!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Your weekend sounds wonderful. They tapped for maple alot around us up in Ohio. The smell is heavenly.

    Have a wonderful Easter Week.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time at the sugar bush. I am originally from The Eastern Townships, in Quebec and we always went to the sugar bush. I had two Uncles that tapped every year. I love good maple syrup! Every year we go back to Quebec and we always come home with syrup. Yes I know Ontario has syrup, but for us we have to go back home and get the syrup we know. Love your blog!

  3. Sounds like you had a busy but very fun couple of days. Sometimes its a nice break to do no crafting for a few days.

  4. sounds wonderful, Kate, minus the wind. cold and sick friend :) I love the pictures, and i gotta tell you that Canadian maple sugar candy is my family's most favorite!
    Hugs, Kiddo

  5. Now that sounds just wonderful going to a maple festival and yum, yum, too! Congrats on your award!