Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Projects of The Past...

This post is dedicated to both completed and incompleted projects alike. Just a few pics of some of the things I've worked on in the past...and...present?

This is my very first attempt at cross-stitching ever. My friend got me started on it on a blustery winter day, then I took it to work on when I visited my parents that weekend, got stuck, and my Dad, for some reason, was able to figure it all out and got me back on track hahaha. So when I finished this, I gave it to him.

I chose and stitched this pattern specifically for a friend I was visiting this past summer. She loves cats and sewing, so this seemed perfect. I loved the simplicity of the black and white and the craziness of the border. This is probably my favourite cross-stitch project so far.

This is a wall-hanging quilt that I worked on from September-December 2009. It was mostly just for fun, to practice sewing and use of scraps of fabric that my friend had laying around. I like some parts of it, and don't like other parts. It still needs binding sewn on. My next quilt will be a full-size one, and a more traditional pattern.

This is the first quilt I made, this past July. I did it one day, with a lot of help from my friend Rose. Before that day I had never touched a sewing machine, and had no clue about cutting fabric, seam allowances, bias, batting, binding, etc. Turned out pretty well!

This is an afghan, 1/3 of the way completed. It remains, 3 years later, 1/3 of the way completed. It was part-way finished when I had to abandon knitting. I've knit 3 other afghans of the same pattern, but differing colours before this one.
This was completed in April 2009. I was really pleased with the outcome, as my first "big" cross-stitch project. I gave it to my Grandpa, and visit it quite frequently :-)


  1. You are a woman of many crafting talents. All of your pieces are very pretty. I especially love the color pallete, or lack there of, of your first quilting attempt. Very nice indeed!!

  2. Everything is just lovely!!!!! WOW!!!! Thank you for posting this wonderful blog and sharing the treasure that is you with the world. I have become a follower and will check in often to see what you are up to. You can visit my stitchy spot at: http://thestitchmadcow.blogspot.com

  3. They're all great projects. The hummingbird piece is really pretty.

  4. Great projects and welcome to blogging :)

  5. wonderful projects, you do beautiful work.

    Welcome to blogging, it's addictive.

  6. Really beautiful stitching and I love your quilts as well. Welcome to the world of blogging!