Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Stitched!

Yahoo! I did it! I actually worked on some cross stitch today! I was working in the museum gift shop this afternoon, which, all winter, has been my weekly cross stitch time (its pretty slow in there), but since my friend got back from school about a month ago, she's been back in the gift shop with me, so we just chat all day...hence, no stitching.

I thought I was more of a focussed stitcher...I can't carry on a conversation and count stitches at the same time...I'm a little challenged that way :-) But I tried it out today, stitching while we talked, and I got 3 whole sunflowers finished on Earl Grey! Ya!!!!

We usually read from a German textbook someone keeps leaving behind our desk, and goof around with that, but today there was an old issue of the New Yorker there instead. Let me tell ya...that was FUN! At first my friend picked it up, skimmed through it, and decided it was a bit too serious for Tuesday afternoon museum reading. She must have gotten bored of watching me stitch because she then decided to read one of the articles out loud in a "fake pretentious voice" and that's when we discovered how hysterical the New Yorker is! We had a blast...but more about that another time.

The highlight of my day today was that the garden center at the store I work in got this new kind of grass called Twister. It is SO cool!! Here's a pic...

It's kind of hard to see because it was so sunny, but it's so curly! I'm going to plant 2 in the ground and one of them will go into a planter, along with this Gerber Daisy I also bought today, as well as some trailing Lobelia. Exciting!

Well, that's all for now, I have to go, Lost is gonna start soon :-)


  1. Can't wait to see your progress on Earl Grey! SUre sounds like you and your friend are always having a great time together.

  2. I can't stitch and talk. I'm too new at it but it is a fun thing to do while watching boring TV. HAHA

  3. Glad you could stitch. I can stitch and talk pretty easily, if I don't mind all the frogs that come and visit afterwards...LOL
    Love that grass!