Monday, May 17, 2010

Rose's Quilt!

Heloooo out there! It's been a while eh?

I have a friend, Rose, who is an amazing quilter. She taught me how to quilt just about a year ago now, and although I'm nowhere near where she is, she did a great job at teaching me the basics. So I was over at her house a few days ago to visit her latest finished quilt!

I thought I'd share this with you guys since I have no crafty news of my own to share :-(

Here's a picture of the quilt, and Jake the dog.

In non-crafty news, I've been very busy! I have two big final essays due for school at the end of the month, which have been taking up most of my off-work time. I finished one of them!!

Also, a friend of mine is doing a leukemia research fundraiser for two weeks...he's halfway through now. This year he's going door to door asking for donations. In the past he's camped on the roof of the store we worked at, and has walked from Ottawa to Toronto. This year he's knocking on doors! So I've been spending time driving the big truck with all of his logos and sponsors printed on it behind him as he walks the streets. Now...this truck is BIG! I hate that stupid thing! LOL! I've ran over more curbs than I can count, nearly hit people, and backed into someone's garbage can, and once, Holly even almost drove off a "cliff!" and this truck is difficult! Haha! So keep your fingers crossed that we make it through the next week without any accidents!

I have a race coming up in just under two weeks as well. I started running 5 months ago, and have just graduated from the 5 kilometer clinic. The 10k clinic starts tomorrow night! So I'm running 5k at Ottawa Race Weekend! I'm getting excited, and also nervous! My friend Shantal who I'll be going with (who talked me into starting running in the first place) is running a half marathon that weekend. WOOOHOOO!!! It'll be a big accomplishment for her, she's been working up to this point for a while!

Well, I think that's all for now, because I really, really have to go to bed :-)


  1. Wow, what a beautiful quilt.
    Good luck at your race....oh how nice it must be to be young lol.....