Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Twilight Weekend

I just got back from a relaxing weekend at Holly's cottage. Caitlyn turned 10 last week and for her birthday, she requested a "girl's cottage weekend" with her friend, me, and Holly....which quickly turned into "Twilight Weekend" given the girls' obsessed with the books and movies. And I'll admit, Holly and I are a little (a lot?) obsessed as well now. It was really fun!

We hung up Twilight posters, made chocolate covered strawberries- milk chocolate for Team Jacob (Holly and Tomi) and white chocolate for Team Edward (Cait and I), we drank "blood" all weekend....fruit punch for the girls and Wild Vines wine for Holly and I, and we put Twilight tshirts on and watched both of the movies.
I'd like to say the weather was good, but it wasn't! It rained all weekend and was so cold today that we all stayed inside wrapped up in blankets wearing hoodies and wool socks. It cleared up a few times and when it did we ran outside to go for walks...but it never lasted.

We also ate a LOT...actually, I don't think we stopped eating all weekend...LOL it was awesome, and now I won't be eating anything for several days hahaha. We made bracelets from my bead collection, watched a ton of movies, and, since this IS a "crafty" blog, I should also mention that while we were there, I knit a dishcloth! And I was harassed for doing so. Every so often someone would look at me, sitting in a rocking chair, wrapped up in a blanket, knitting away and say "Grandma's knitting again!" Hehehe. Although they have no right to judge! Holly is the one who taught me to cross stitch in the first place LOL!

Here it is:

Nothing very impressive, and I've knit too many of these to count in my lifetime and am certainly bored of them. But, there just happened to be a ball of yarn and the proper needles stuffed into my bead basket from another time and I forgot my cross stitch at home. So knitting a dishcloth it was!! I'm pretty impressed that I managed to do SOMETHING crafty though hehehe.

I'm on a bit of a mission this week to hunt down old plates and stuff, smash them up and cement them onto my herb planters outside. It'll be difficult because I didn't think of doing it until I already had them planted so it'll be tricky....but it's my new crafty mission nonetheless!

Hope everyone out there in cross-stitching blog world is doing well, and had a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Cute dishcloth!

  2. What a fun blog you have. I'll check your other ones later, but I'll definitly follow this one. I love your dog -- I have a GSD too, but she is 11 almost 12. What wonderful dogs they are!--Inger