Friday, October 8, 2010

I Smell Pumpkin Pie!!!

Who would have ever thought that one could use pumpkin pie as a torture technique? For future reference...oh yes, you can!

My employer has become a master-mind of pumpkin pie proportions! You see, fellow stitchers, I work in a salad bar...a cave, if you will, located deep in the dark corners of a grocery store, and Thanksgiving just happens to be one of our busiest weekends! So I spent my afternoon making millions of fruit and veggie trays in preperation......

So, where does the torture come in, you ask? It just so happens that the bakery's oven is built into the back of the wall that my counter is bolted to, and let me tell ya, that oven has one powerful ventilation system, sending the sweet, delicious scent of baking pumpkin pie at me in powerful waves all day long! And no! This isn't all! They also ran out of room in their cooler and had to use mine to store the pies after they had been baked. So alas, there was no escape for me!

And yes...I did resort to saying to the bakery manager, out of desperation of course, "so...I accidentally licked one of the pies. Do you think I should just eat it now?" He thought this was hilarious. I was only half-joking.

In stitchy news........

I'm almost finished stitching "Little Cups of Friendship." It's going great, and has been a really quick and easy pattern! I picked up the last colour I need this afternoon and, as soon as this post is posted, I plan to use said colour to finish it off! I also picked up a piece of BLACK aida cloth for a project I'm planning to start next week. I'm not sure how it'll go...I've never stitched on black know, that darn fear of the unknown! And I don't really have a set pattern either. My brain knows what it should look like, so I plan to grab a piece of graph paper, sketch it out, and just....GO! 

Well, I'm scheduled for 2 days of work and 3 Thanksgiving dinners this weekend, so I better go get some stitching done now before all that turkey and pumpkin pie takes over my life!

A very happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to you all!! See ya next week!


  1. Jodie it sounds like you've got a very busy weekend ahead!

    Lucky me ... don't like pumpkin pie, but if they had been baking apple... oh boy that would of drove me nuts!

    You can work on black... its just like white fabric!

  2. awe, black,,, well I stitched an eagle on black once while at a work place which had florescent lights and had absolutely NO problems. Mind over matter Jodie.
    Be always in stitches.