Monday, October 4, 2010

Wine, Sushi and Stitching!

That pretty much sums up my weekend! Let's start with a stitchy update. I've started working on the Tea Crazy collection by Lizzie Kate. I love these patterns! I bought them a while ago on a trip to visit my best friend in London and they've been sitting here, begging to be stitched, ever since! So here's my progress on Little Cups of Friendship:

This one is stitching up really quickly and I'm loving the colours!

Well, my weekend involved a lot of social type activities and not nearly enough homework or housework related activities...but I think that's okay once in a while!

On Friday a friend and I went to a winery in Buckhorn and did a little wine tasting! Among my favourites were Frosted Pumpkin wine, seasonal of course, Apple, Peach, and Apricot. Very, very good wine. The place was called Kawartha Country Winery- highly reccommend it!

On Saturday after work, Holly, Cait and I drove out to Burleigh Falls to look at the pretty fall foliage, have some lunch and ice cream, and walk around in the woods. Sunday after work the older couple who live upstairs took me out for a delicious sushi lunch...YUM! And today I visited my parents, where I accomplished a great deal of stitching! So...back to work tomorrow for a busy, busy Thanksgiving week!!

Thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. That wine sounds very tasty. :)

  2. I love wine-tasting! Sounds like a fun weekend.

    But, what is the picture of the rock pile all about? It's interesting...

  3. Jules- I honestly have no idea what it was all about! It was at the winery, just sort of out in the woods amidst the grape plants. Out at the front of the winery they had a big inuksuk made from the same sort of rocks, so I'm thinking they had some left-overs and made a rock pile. I really like it though, quite unique :-)