Friday, October 29, 2010

My Week, In Pictures

Yep, I'm feeling pretty ambitious tonight, and thought I'd throw some pics into the mix! Not that I don't usually have it's been a long day :-)

Last Thursday I embarked upon a very long London (Ontario) to visit my best friend Erin. I wasn't looking forward to the long, lonely 6 hour drive....but as luck would have it, Sugarland's new CD came out, so I had 2 wonderful companions with me on my drive....Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush! It was pretty awesome....until the SNOW hit! Yep....between Arthur and Listowel, it was blizzarding. Thank goodness it eventually stopped, I wasn't impressed! The windshield wiper on my side isn't working very well, and I have yet to purchase snow tires for my new car :-S

Anyways, I eventually arrived safe and sound, and we had a GREAT 6 day Frienaissance! LOL!

Erin bought some really tasty these chocolate covered blueberry and acai berries.....

And she cooked a Rachael Ray recipe....and if you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE anything to do with Rachael was called "Chicken Noodle Hold the Soup" and it was so so so good. I highly reccommend it- here's the link

 It looked like this:

Annnnd we walked around downtown, which is one of my favourite things to do in London. I can't pinpoint what exactly I love about it, but it has a great atmosphere. It has the excitement of Toronto without the extreme busy-ness. It rained during our walk, but it was actually a nice rain!

Oh, and we had a sushi feast! This is Erin enjoying a roll of some sort...we lost track of what all we were eating.

Now...onto the good stuff.......

London has an awesome cross stitch store called the Thread and Eye. They have a fantastic selection of patterns, floss, and other supplies and I look forward to this part of every trip I take to London. Here's what I bought...

Equally exciting is the fact that the store inspired Erin to learn to cross stitch! This is proof that if you drag a non-stitchy friend along to enough stitchy stores, they'll eventually cave and ask you to teach she is with the project she picked up....

And's the little piece I've been working on lately.....

I'm home now, and sad to have left Erin behind....but I'm settling back into my routine of work, schoolwork, running, and the museum. There was WAY more time to stitch in London, since it was sort of like a holiday, than back here in boring old reality LOL!

Have a great weekend!!