Sunday, May 1, 2011


Okay, I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to the royal wedding. I openly said that I didn't care, they're just people getting married and people needed to calm down, I wasn't going to watch it....etc, etc, etc.

I do have to comment on it though because it was such a momentous event and for no reason at all, the day before, I got super excited about it and couldn't wait to watch!

The problem was that where I live the ceremony was starting at 6am. I had to be at work at 5am. But the good news......we have a TV in our lunchroom! So at 6, Bakery Barb, Roz and I ran upstairs and watched on the who-knows-how-old blurry TV. Soooo fun!

I mean seriously, LOOK how happy these two are!!

I do have a thing for Prince I had a great time watching him too :-) This wedding contained all of the elements it takes to make good TV: humour (I found it hilarious that the ring wouldn't go on Kate's finger), suspense (William not being able to turn around and see Kate for so long was killing me!), drama (the little girl covering her ears added a little dramatic effect- would she cry? Would she scream?), and sentiment (seeing how happy these two are together definately tugged at my heart strings!).

So. Those are my thoughts on the royal wedding.


  1. My favorite part was the carriage ride. Loved it!

    I would have like to know what Harry said to William as Kate was walking down the isle towards them. All the ladies at work are talking about Harry. And Beatrice's hat.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the beatiful comment you left on my blog!!!! Yes I was one of them that was not going to follow the Royal wedding at all I was ready kind getting tired of hearing threw all the days in the morning in the afternoon and night!!! Thank god is all over :) !!!!!

  3. Like you, I wasn't excited about the wedding... but I'm glad hubby DVR'ed it. I was sad that Diana wasn't there to see the wedding though. They did look very happy and I hope that it will only be the beginning of all good things for them. :)