Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In The Shower With Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber Weekend 2011

What an occasion!! Justin Bieber was so excited about Cait turning 11 that he hopped in the shower with us!!!!!

Some of you might remember last year's Twilight Weekend 2010 to celebrate Cait's 10th birthday. Well.....last weekend was Bieber Weekend, and it was an AWESOME time!!!!

Holly, Cait, Tomi and I headed to the cottage Friday after work, had Chinese food...yummmmy!! Then cranked the Bieb!

The weather was perfect...sunny and hot. We spent most of it outside...the girls occasionally swimming, and Holly and I on the deck with the puppies Miley and Maddie!

We also made Bieber concert t-shirts (obviously!!!!), watched his movie, painted our nails with nail polish from Bieb's "One Less Lonely Girl" collection, drank out of 3D Bieber cups, had a silly string fight.....and then made some Smores, for good measure. It was a fantastic weekend!!!!! Pics..... :-)

Cait, the Bieb, and Tomi!
Cait helping me with my sparkles!
Cait and Tomi investigating the island that appeared!
All of us with our Bieb shirts on!
Me and my chicklets :-)

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  1. I LOVE this post. You gals are so happy. What precious memories!