Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Anyone Stitching Out There???

HEY!! Long time no post... what can I say? It's summer. That's all I've got.

There's been absolutely no stitching happening in the last month. I've been so busy in my gardens, running, working and reading that I can't find time or motivation. How do you guys keep it up when it's soooo nice outside? Pleeeasee tell me your secrets, I need to know before my Crazy January Challenge becomes an epic failure LOL!


  1. Hi Jodie - I've just finished a LHN design and once I've done my HD I will have a new start. My secret - I live in the UK - plenty if rainy days lol


  2. I haven't stitched a lot either these past weeks. When it's warm outside I sit in the garden and read rather than stitch.

  3. Hi,
    I have stitch but I have not post any updates on my grandparents. I hope to be finish before September wish me goodluck!!!!

  4. awe Jodie, back where I come from we suffer from OOTDS big time in the summer. Translated =
    "Out On The Deck Stitching." Now that's how we can get some stitching done.
    Be always in stitches.

  5. totally hear you!!!! I was working on some stitching for my dad & my own stitching got put aside.....I finished his stuff on Sat. & celebrated by starting a new project FOR ME!!!!
    I love to take my stitching outside as well.....
    and to appointments, in the car, etc...
    Haven't figured out how to stitch while walking or jogging thou!!!!

  6. It's easy for me... I don't like being out in the sun. LOL!!!

  7. Been wondering where you were. Glad to know it is just life getting in the way. For me, still grabbing those minutes here and there to stitch. At least now I know you are not finishing up the sheltering tree way before me. Curious....what are you reading? I just finished my book and need something to piqued my interest.

  8. Hey - follow up to your post on my page --- just finished reading The Paris Wife (it was OK) and the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (it was really good) and forgot I had The Hunger Games in my Kindle que. Started it last night before we turned on the hockey game - sorry - my daughter from Boston is visiting and she was happy with the outcome! Hunger Games caught me on the first page! THanks for the suggestion.

  9. Hey Jodi it's so good to see you have stitched (catching up from February) on your challenge pieces. Glad you recovered from your dental surgery! I have been off the blogs (and most of life) since February as I had some back surgery - see I took a close look at your bookshelves since some looked very familiar - you like Jodi Picoult. I love her books and have read most. While sick and recovering I read a book every day or two. Now I can finally stitch, so I have been doing more of that - and catching up on blogs! I agree with a few of the comments, stitch outside and you will be amazed at how awesome the natural light makes your stitching pop!