Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lisa's Stitching, and a Finn Update!

Good Sunday morning to you all!

I made a page called "Lisa's Stitching" that you can find alongside my other pages. My friend Lisa stitches some amazing pieces, but she doesn't have a blog. I took pictures of them a few weeks ago to post here....someone should see these amazing finishes! Sorry that the pictures was dark out and I was impatient LOL!

So Finn is 12 weeks old today!!! He makes me SO happy, I love this puppy. I can't believe I've only had him for a feels MUCH longer! He drives me nuts biting and whining and stealing everything in sight, but we're working on it :-) Here are some pics!

My Mud Dog
Snowy Puppy!!

Finn at 12 weeks!


  1. Finn is so so adorable. And how nice of you to post Lisa's work. Wow, what a great selection. Looks like some Theresa Wentzler pieces.

  2. Finn is a cutie! The puppy stage is a tough one - I can' tell you how many of my shoes were chewed up.

  3. love the ears,,,he will grow into them soon. Now you have to get Lisa going on a blog,,, Nice work.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Your Finn is just adorable. I love his ears!

  5. Finn is getting so big! I love his ears in the first pic...and the last - so expresive.

  6. Wow! I can't believe how big he's gotten. Sooo cute!

  7. Hi,
    You should invite your friend to open a blog she has beautiful pictures !!!! I especially like the Mickey and the fairy!!!! Also your dog Finn is growing so fast and he is so cute!!!!

  8. Aww Finn is so cute!!! Your friend's works are beautiful! She should make herself an internet place for those pretties. I love her choice of designs :)

  9. Miss Jody! Woo Hoo! Love your blog!

    Take thee to the Kelmscott website and get yourself one (or five or six) magnets! I use the decorative ones to hold my chart to the piece I'm working on and then I buy the little square magnets from Nordic Needle to hold the actual needles.

    What can I say? My projects feel all nekkid without the proper accessories and I'll use any excuse I can to buy more stitchy stuff!

    Yours very stitchily,