Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Race!

I can't hold my excitement in any longer....I beat my personal best by 3 WHOLE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!

Phew, with that out of the way, now onto the whole story!

SO....I've been group leading a 10k clinic with Todd, and our group's goal race was on Sunday! It was the Ajax Snowflake 10k.....appropriately named of course, since it snowed throughout most of the race...it was a very chilly 9am run along the shores of Lake Ontario. Our main group consists of Todd, myself, and  Erin #2, not to be confused with my best friend Erin #1 who I've talked about a lot on this blog. She was there too, but just to watch :-)

So Todd, Erin #2 and I were joined by 2 others from our group....it was a pretty uncommitted group so on a lot of nights it was just the 3 of us...which made this race fun to run...and we stuck together for quite a while, chatting, and laughing....our usual. Erin then hit "the zone" as well call it, and she was gone. Then Todd stopped for water at a water station and I left him there....and I hit a good groove as well. It was great! Here are some pics!!

Erin and I freezing our butts off, waiting for the race to start

Me, just after I left Todd at the water station LOL

Crossing the finish line- 1:03!!!!!

Our group- Todd, Katie, Nicole, Me and Erin!
 I've bought all of my floss for the Crazy January Challenge! I've been using my TV watching time for the last couple nights to wind it onto bobbins....and I think I still have a couple of nights of winding ahead of me. I'm pretty close to being organized!

Erin #1 has been here visiting me since Saturday, which is soooo good! I hate being separated from my best friend! She left today to go home to her parents house for Christmas, but she's coming back for New Year's WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Is everyone finished their Christmas shopping? I AM!!!!!! Yep, I'm bragging! I won't be stepping a foot into the mall until Christmas is over! Unfortunately I work in a grocery store making fruit baskets and fruit and veggie trays so I might as well be in a mall...bring on the craziness!!!!!

And on a side note, I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who's been stopping by to read and/or comment. I LIVE for comments, they make me so happy....so thanks everyone!!!!


  1. Congratulations! To shave 3 minutes off your time is fantastic! I'm very happy for you.

    I used to work in a grocery store as a cashier/head cashier. It always seemed like it was the one time of the year where we had all the cashiers working that we could. Other times of the year, forget it!

  2. congratulations on your race. You should be proud. I run like a turtle. Have a happy new year and a merry christmas.