Monday, December 13, 2010

The Past Two Weeks.....

My last two weeks have been completely taken up by essay fun at all! Except that it was...sort of fun haha! I was working on original artifact research and got to work with the curator of the museum...we looked at accession files, did a couple of oral history interviews, etc. So it was really cool to see how the museum does things and handles artifact research for new exhibits, while also fulfilling a huge requirement for my last unfinished course of the semester: a 4000 word essay on an unresearched artifact. Done and done!!!!! All that's left to do is my I'm feelin pretty good today :-)

Onto some stitchy-ness.....well....there hasn't been any. I haven't started working on any of my December goals yet....but that changes today! I'm so excited to be done with my school stuff so that I can relax and only worry about work, running and STITCHING!

Holly and I are taking a trip to Oshawa later in the week to do some Christmas shopping there and I hear there's a pretty decent cross stitch shop it's on our list of things to check out. I'm hoping they'll have some nice kits and patterns for me to add to my Crazy January Challenge. The Michaels there also has a whole aisle devoted to cross stitch, so that's on our list too. Unfortunately the Michaels here in Peterborough fails epicly at this- all they have is floss. So hopefully by the end of the week I'll be a little more organized with that! And I'm heading over to Rose's next week and she's going to help me with my quilt binding, so that'll be another check off the old list :-)

For now- a finish. Not mine, but Holly's! She doesn't have a blog so I took a pic of her stocking to show on mine because it's soooo cute! She finished it last year but just finally sewed it into a stocking last week. Here it is!


  1. The stocking is so pretty. Have fun shopping. Glad a lot of the school work is done.

  2. That stocking took a LOT of work. Your friend did a great job.

    Enjoy your Christmas planning and hopefully some much needed rest.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your essay! I know that must be a huge relief. I'm too sane for the January Crazies challenge. I'll be cheering you on though!

  4. Your stocking (or your friend's) is very cute. Enjoy your break - sounds like you really deserve it! Have fun on your mission to stash enhancement.

    From your last post - I am a Charlie Brown Christmas tied with The Grinch - but then again, I am lots older, so those are from my childhood!

    Looking forward to seeing what you acquire, along with your quilt all bound and all the other fun things you get to while on break.