Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December First!

Phew, November went by fast, didn't it? All I remember was a lot of work, school stuff, exams, and rain! I didn't have any stitching-related goals for the month of November because I was determined to get through what had to be done for school...and I did! I'm down to one big assignment, then a BREAK! Yay!!!

That being said, I thought it might be a good idea to set out some goals for December:

1. Finish It's a Girl Thing for Love Quilts (inspired by Vonna, the Twisted Stitcher)

2. Finish Vancouver 2010- make it into something so Erin can finally take it home rather than visiting it at my house

3. Stitch Feelin Festive and Joyeux Noel by Jan. 9 to give as gifts at a post-Christmas family gathering

4. Sew the binding onto last year's Christmas quilt

5. Most importantly- organize everything needed for the Crazy January Challenge!

Here's my progress on It's a Girl Thing so far:

Hmmmm....what else is new? Well, I went to my first Christmas party of the year on the weekend, which was our annual work dinner. It was fun- good food, some drinks....

And, to mark this first day of finally snowed! Like, actually snowed, as in significant accumulation! It started around 9 this morning, and this is what's fallen since, in about 4 hours:

And finally, I was super-excited to read that Robin from has offered to send me a chart to add to my Crazy January Challenge supply! I'm so grateful to her and I can't wait to see what she sends :-)

Enjoy your week!


  1. The photograph shows a winter wonderland! It's gorgeous.

    I've seen a couple of bloggers say NO to the Crazy January Challenge and then change their minds. It's really crazy for me but I'm really excited to see what all of your start and stitch and how it all ends up.

  2. I love your snow - we've only had a dusting or two and I am ready. If it's going to be cold, I want snow! I like your "girl thing" and love The Twisted Stitcher's blog...looks like you have a little bit of things on your December goal list - I am currently sewing binding on a quilt for my nephew and have another ready to finish the binding on right behind it. That is my least favorite part of quilting; if I am going to sew "in hand" I'd rather be making x's or other fun stitches! But binding is a necessary evil. :o) Love your holiday party pic!

  3. Please send me your mailing address and I will get your chart in the mail for you. I picked up the linen and floss yesterday and it is ready to go. I want to see pix when you finish!!! Not to worry, it is just a little stitch and you should be able to complete quickly. I can tell you it has an alphabet on it. That is what I am doing, picking some quick stitches and mixing them in my list...still wokring on it and haven't officially joined the challenge but I will be. It will be fun to see each others progress and choice of stitchy pieces. Oops, email me at

  4. Jackie- I agree, I think the most fun part of the challenge will be following everyone else and their progress! I would have been following it whether I joined or not :-)

    Sherry- I totally understand! I've been putting off sewing the binding on for a year now! It's crazy how hard I worked to get it finished in time for Christmas last year, but as soon as the main part was finished I called it a friend Rose, a co-worker, is an amazing quilter and I worked through this Christmas one at her house with her help, and she now harasses me EVERY day about just when exactly I plan to sew the binding on LOL!

    Robin- I emailed you!