Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Few Early Christmas Presents

I swear, I have the BEST friends!!!! I've received some amazing Christmas presents from them over the last few days...just thought I'd share...

From Erin- a beautiful necklace that I was drooling over a couple months ago while we were shopping together in London...I was so surprised and excited to discover that she had gone back and bought it for me...and in my favourite colour- blue!! The picture doesn't do it much justice- it's a funky shaped metal flower with a couple of blue stones on it.

From Shantal- "The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World." Perfect for two reasons...first, I LOVE donkeys, and second, I often get so busy and stressed that I end up sick and don't sleep for many nights because my brain won't shut off...perhaps I'll learn from the donkeys!

From Holly, Cait and family- Ozzy Osbourne quotes...yes, I'm a devoted life-long fan of all things Ozzy. This book is absolutely hysterical and we had a blast reading it the other night...well...everyone over the age of 16 had a blast reading it anyways. And a plaid hat! I love goofy hats, and this is my favourite type. I have three of them in different colours. This one is perfect because Holly and I are very into tartan anything right now. We're both Scottish....and we're obsessed with Johnny Reid...also Scottish, and belong to his fan club, the Tartan Army. I plan to wear this hat to the next concert....maybe he'll notice us!!

From Bob and Pat (my landlords)- an amazing little donkey statue!!! He came with the name Dooley, and I absolutely love him! He's quite heavy and has the cutest look on his face...I'll cherish him forever.


  1. Hi,
    What pretty gifts!!!! Thank you for your nice nice comments on my blog !!!! I have not post pictures because one was a xmas gift and i gift wrapped and I forgot to take a picture !!! The second gift I did not finish !!! But as soon as I take pictures I will post!!! Well have a merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2011!!!!

  2. Nice gifts! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Happy new year and best of luck with the Crazy January Challenge (I'm taking part too).