Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 1!

Let's start with the Crazy January Challenge portion of this post....

Project #1: Catch the Wind- Butternut Road

Holly found this pattern for me while we were digging through bins at a stitch shop a couple of weeks ago. She held it up and said "oh my gosh, this one's just beautiful." I agreed, and fell in love with it. I started stitiching it first because it's my favourite of my 15.

I actually had a pretty big chunk of time today to work on this, so I ended up getting quite a bit my standards anyways! I'm so excited about this challenge...but I'm already starting to re-think my choices, as usual. Some were chosen for a specific reason or person in mind. Some were chosen just because I thought they were cool, yet some were chosen because I was in a hurry and they looked okay at the time. Now I'm thinking maybe I can find something better....something that I actually love. So I'm going to start with my favourites that I know I definately want to do, and see what happens in the meantime. With the craziness of the holidays over I finally have some time to look around online and in town, so maybe I'll find some replacements!

Moving along.....

Happy New Year everyone!! I had a pretty low-key night, and to be honest, I've never been a fan of New Year's. It's my least favourite holiday and I generally avoid it by hibernating in my parents' basement with a book. I've been dragged out to parties with friends in the past but I'm kind of over that.

This year Erin came to celebrate with me, so it ended up being enjoyable. I had to work 12-9pm Thursday, then 5am-2pm I was pretty much exhausted and not into going out. So we took a drive downtown to see if the cross stitch store was open (it wasn't), then we went to Starbucks, treated ourselves to a fancy drink, and then went to Chapters to read magazines, which is one of our favourite things to do together. We hung out there until they kicked us out because they were closing, and then decided just to come back to my house to have dinner.

We finished off our evening by cross stitching and watching movies. We watched The Young Victoria, Precious, and Knocked Up. I'm not entirely sure what went in in The Young Victoria because I was too into my stitching, then fell asleep for a while. I read the book Precious last year and saw the movie when it came out, so it wasn't new to me. It was Erin's first time seeing it, and she hadn't read the book, and she found it quite difficult. It's a very depressing, disturbing, difficult movie to watch, but it's also very important to be aware that these things happen. It was a good idea to lighten things up with Knocked Up afterwards...would it have been a bad omen to wrap up 2010 with a movie like Precious? Through some miracle I made it to midnight...and that was that.

Goals For 2011...

I've been thinking a lot lately about setting some goals for the upcoming year. 2010 was a really difficult and challenging year for me and for most people I know actually, so I wanted to try to make some positive changes and try to keep things in perspective, and also to have some goals to work towards regardless of what else is going on in my life throughout the year. I think I came up with a pretty good, solid list.....

1. Complete the Crazy January Challenge
2. Work on being grateful for what I have rather than jealous and resentful of what others have (this is a big one for me)
3. Run a half marathon
4. Be more organized
5. Wash my car more often

What about you? Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2011?


  1. Love your new start, JOdi - Lavendar and Lace are big, involved patterns but so beautiful when finished! (I think that's who that one is)...

    Happy New Year! I, too, would rather stay home. I stitched the new year in watching "Letters to Juliet" and I agree, "Knocked Up" was probably a better choice to end the evening with than "Precious".

    I love your goals - and number two is hard for most people...I admire that you recognize it in yourself(also hard for most people)and are trying to work on this. I try to work on gossiping and judgmental thoughts about others (sometimes similiar) and that continues to remain on my list! Good luck with your other items.

    I had to laugh at the car one - yesterday it was 50* here (our first day above about 32* in a couple weeks) and boy does my car need a rinse off - did I even leave the house - NO and now it's 19* today...

    Enjoy your new projects. Can't wait to see your progress.

  2. This may sound silly but my goal in stitching would be to stitch at least 1 strand a day. Oh, I know I'll do more when I actually sit down to do it so that will cover the days I'm out of the house.LOL

    Good luck on your goals! Happy New Year.

  3. Great start :) I have started 15 but to get them finished in 2011 some possible but not all of them lol

  4. HI,
    Happy New Year 2011!!!! I hope all goals come true!!!! My change my mine over my xmas present!!! My dad thought it was so expensive!!! So after I bought this pretty kit and that was about it!!! they are some frogs piles on top of each other!!! I will be posting pictures as I'm doing it!!!!