Friday, January 7, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 7

Project #7: Once Upon A Tree Sampler- Jeanette Douglas Designs

Unfortunately, I have no witty, entertaining or meaningful story to tell you today about why I chose this pattern. I simply liked it, and had seen it in a few shops before finally buying it. But I did get a lot done today :-) was quite tragic. I had a dentist appoitment...just an annual cleaning. He took xrays, and I knew where that was going. He's been harassing me about taking my wisdom teeth out since I was 19....for a grand total of 5 YEARS he's been telling me they need to come out right away. I've suffered through horrible infections, headaches and pressure on my other teeth because of them, but I could never get them out because I'm terrified, terrified, TERRIFIED of needles. It's a major phobia that has caused me nothing but trouble throughout my life. I can withstand any amount of pain but don't even think about coming near me with a needle.....

It turns out my dentist was tired of giving me the same lecture over and over again. He didn't even ask me if they've been bothering me, as he usually does. He cut right to the chase. I believe it went something like this.... "this is getting ridiculous. We have the same conversation over and over again and I'm done. We're going out to the front desk right now and we're booking you an appoitment to have your wisdom teeth taken out. There simply isn't room for them and you're going to wreck all your other teeth if they don't come out now."

I responded with an eye roll, a smile, and a very sarcastic "super" which I don't think he appreciated...and that was that. So March 4th is the day. Maybe the world will come to an end before then LOL!


  1. Cant wait to see the progress on Once Upon A Tree. Its such a pretty piece.

    I hear you on the wisdom teeth. I had mine out when I was 17. Nice Dentist, but a bit off center as he asked if I wanted two out now and two out later. Like I was planning on going back? ya - NOT!

    Other than that side funny, I didnt have any issues. Good Luck!

  2. Great progress on your new start.

    Make sure to go for all 4 teeth at once. The anticipation is the worst part. If it is done under anesthesia they may be able to do any necessary needlework (pardon the pun) after you are asleep. Lay in supplies in advance (proper foods prepped and ready to sip/eat, movies & books to keep you occupied.

    Best wishes.

  3. Love your tree sampler - it is sweet and I can' wait to see the progress.

    My son had his wisdom teeth out about a year ago - besides being really funny (still a little stoned from the anesthetic they used) he was back to normal within a day or two. I know whate you mean too, Jodie, I don't even do well getting my teeth cleaned (used to take drugs to make it through that) and then I just pulled on the big girl pants and decided getting a ride to and from the dentist for a cleaning was over the top...not to mention that I'd be zonked the rest of the night.

    What a nice surprise from Robin - surprises and packages are almost always a nice thing!