Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 6...and My Crazy Parents

Let's start with today's pattern of choice.

Project #6: Peace Tree Ornament- M Designs

There isn't much of a story behind this one. I loved the swirly elegant design of a specific Christmas ball pattern in a shop I was in, but was outraged to discover that it was over $20 just for the pattern, which was quite small. I lucked out and found this one...just as swirly and elegant, and 1/4 of the price!

I know I'm goofy...but...there's a reason I stopped stitching when I did and took this pic even though I planning on going back in a few minutes and continuing. Can anyone see the reason I stopped?

Well okay....I'll just tell you!!!!

If you look closely at the picture, and squint a little, you'll notice that it looks like a face! The little loop in the middle is the eye, then the large loop to the right is the big droopy nose!! Haha....when I noticed I had to stop and take my picture then before it was too late and transformed into something else entirely! Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know....I'm just a goof!

I also thought I'd share a humourous story about my parents and their recently acquired TV watching habits. You first must understand that my parents are (were?) biker gang rockers who partied the 70's away hardcore. They've mellowed greatly as they've entered their 50's, I must say. Here's some proof that I observed throughout my week-long Christmas stay at their house.

It's 5:05pm and my Dad is just getting home from work. He spends a few minutes saying hello to Cooper, then he comes upstairs and my Mom plugs in the kettle for his green tea. He was an avid coffee drinker (several pots a day) until he stopped smoking a few months made him want to smoke, so he switched to green tea. They sit down at the table with their green teas, and someone notices the time.

"Well, I wonder what's happening on Walton Mountain tonight" one of them says.

"Well say now, it's after 5!" the other responds, as they scramble to change the channel to watch The Waltons.

"Awww there's JohnBoy and Grandma...what are they doing?"

"I don't know, I thought Grandma died the other day...."

"Oh, no. She just had appendicitis. She was okay by the end."

"Well that's a relief!" forward to 7:02pm

My Mom is in the kitchen making or cleaning up from dinner, playing with the dog, or reading a magazine. Dad is in the livingroom and realizes what time it is.

"Di! It's after 7! Where's the remote? We're gonna miss the murder!!!"

"Oh no! Hurry up! Where'd you put it??"

Again, they both scramble to find the remote. Once the TV is safely on Murder She Wrote they settle in to watch.

"Well...I wonder what Jessica's up to tonight," Dad says.

Yes, this happened every....single....night. Same events, same conversation. Every single night. I was so amused by it all...oh how age has changed them!


  1. Seeing as I am closer to your parent's age (minuse only few -oh, okay, couple - years, I think this is hysterical. My in-laws (who are in their 70's) did this often but not me and my hubby...too funny!

    Love your challenge starts and progress. I love M Designs words. My fav are peace and believe. They are really cool all stitched up!

  2. ok, I see the face in your stitching!!!! Too funny!!!! Love it...
    found your blog via Lizy's. So happy you are doing the challenge. Check out my blog if you would like..I am doing it also!
    Love the story about your parents. Too fun!!! (and yes, I am close to your parents age!!!)