Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 4

Project #4: Quaker Pincushion- Milady's Needle

I chose this one because I am in desperate need of a pincushion...but I don't want to buy one, I want to make one! When I'm stitching at my parents' house my Dad is always flipping out because I hold my needle in my mouth too much apparently. I saw nothing wrong with that until one day something scared me, I jumped, and the needle cut me. Now I'm looking into pincushions LOL! And I'm quite fond of everything Quaker-inspired.

As you can see, I'm stitching on linen. Thanks for all of you encouraging linen-related comments a couple days ago....I'll keep on trying :-) And thanks everyone for visiting my blog lately, I've been so excited to see that people are reading and following....yay!

Well....I'm thinking I have to add "never take a 2 week holiday from running, even if it's Christmas-time." Tonight Erin (#2), Todd and I met up and ran 5.5k....and it was KILLER! The 3 of us are co-instructing the next 10k clinic so we thought we should get some post-holiday practice in before it starts...you know, so the students aren't actually better runners than us hahaha!

The run was terrible, I couldn't breathe, and couldn't keep up, and when Todd commented that I was probably coming up with lots of 4 letter words to call them, I piped in that Todd and Erin were 4 letter words! That went over well hahahaha....we're all very abusive toward eachother, and we have a GREAT time doing it!

We celebrated our terrible run with drinks at Gertis.

Anyways, off to bed, several hours later than planned...tomorrow should be fun!


  1. Another nice start! Love the blue. I have a bad habit of holding my needle in my mouth...just asking for it I guess! A pincushion sounds like a great idea.

  2. you know, Jodie could be a 4 letter word - if you dropped the "e". Isn't it funny, I have several pin cushions (beautiful, gifted to me by great friends) but I still stick that needle in my mouth.

    I loved your comment on my blog that my "Jingle All the Way" is kind of Dr. Seuss looking and I agree! I think I'll pass that one to Amy (AB Designs)...she'll get a kick out of it.

    love your new starts - keep it up with linen. I was an aida only gal - it took a bit but once you are used to the uneven threads, there's no going back!