Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 2

Project #2: The Bookshelf- Little House Needleworks

I bought this pattern back in October when I last visited Erin in London. I fell in love with it right away because it featured all of my favourite classic literature authors. I spent so much time studying these women when I was working on my BA, it only made sense to stitch it. I've been diligently saving up to buy a house for the last several years and when I eventually am able to, I have a vision of dedicating a dection of my house to floor to ceiling bookshelves that will hold all of my books, which are currently burying me alive in my small basement apartment. I immediately knew that this design will hang on the wall of my theoretical new house next to my bookshelves.

Again, an impressive start by my standards! Between my slow stitching, busy schedule, and general tiredness, I usually don't get this much done in one day....maybe I'll keep it up and actually complete this challenge...yahooooo!!!

This is my first time stitching on linen (except for a horribly failed attempt at a Heaven and Earth Design last winter), and I have mixed feelings about it. I miss the stability and neatness of aida, where everything is perfectly even and predictable. The linen is a little more difficult for me because it seems to be slightly off and when I look at it really closely, my stitching looks terrible. But from a few feet away, I'm really liking how it looks. So...we'll see!

This has been my first day to myself in several weeks. I spent a week at my parents' house during Christmas, then the day I got back Erin came and stayed for a couple of days. So I was a little lost when I got home from work and had nobody to talk to. I chatted with my roommate for a little while, but we don't know eachother very well- she just moved in a month ago. She asked me to come down to her room and help her look for her TV remote because she couldn't find it anywhere. So I went down and together we tore her room apart looking for it...and it's nowhere. I have no clue where it could possibly be...but one thing's for's definately not in her room! So that occupied some time. I was planning on going grocery shopping because I have no food, since I haven't really been here in a couple of weeks....but quickly discovered that I'm exhausted and spent the rest of the day laying around watching movies, stitching, and reading....and now I'm left with nothing to eat for dinner except a truckload of Christmas candy. I'm not complaining :-)

Tomorrow will be work, grocery shopping, and blog reading day :-)


  1. Jodie, keep at it with the linen. It gets SO much easier and more natural. What you've done so far looks lovely. Hoping you get those floor to ceiling bookshelves soon!

  2. Your two projects are looking great. I agree with Jackie and keep on with the linen. Once you get the "feel" for the stitches you will like it too.

    happy stitching...

  3. Hi Jodie! Stick with the linen and it won't be long before you pick up Aida and Think euww! Both your starts looks fabulous! I saw your list of favorite books....wasn't A Million Little Pieces wild? I saw the move Eat Pray Love before I read it (haven't yet) and think I need to add Precious to my reading list. Keep on stitching and don't worry about the candy diet......I been living on christmas cookie diet for weeks!

  4. Hi,
    Well I hope you can read my blog tommorow!!!! Have anice day!!! I all the designs I cross stitch on aida!!! I have never learn how to cross stitch on linen!!!