Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 8!

Well guys, here we 8. For some reason I feel like we're closing in on the end haha...even though we're not! It's been a lot of work getting all of these started which I think acts as an extra incentive to work on them diligently and get them done by next New Year's Eve!!

Project #8: Blackwork Pincushion

No story again today...I've always been drawn toward blackwork when I see it on blogs or in magazines I read but I passionately hate I've never tried it before. This is a small pattern so even if I do hate it, it's not a huge commitment!

Thanks for visiting today :-)


  1. I also love the look of blackwork but don't love backstitching. Great project.

  2. Hey Jodie - it sure has been fun seeing what you are picking for your 15. I also don't like backstitching but blackwork is different to me. I don't do much of it, but it is okay for an occassional change of pace.

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday!