Monday, January 10, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 10

Project 10: Coffee- letters and border are from Alphabet Needle Book from Robin (can't remember designer, it's all the way down 2 flights of stairs and I hurt too much to go look right now haha...will update that part later!!)

I decided to use the letters and the border inside the chart, along with the linen Robin sent me to make my own little coffee-ish design. I was sitting, thinking about what to do with these letters and thought about a little note Robin wrote into the card she sent, pointing out a little coffee spill, which made me laugh because I'm forever dripping coffee onto things. So I guess that was the inspiration for this! It will say coffee, latte, cappuccino and expresso down the fabric, with a big coffee cup in the middle with steam coming out of it. Maybe some little coffee beans or something scattered around as well...we'll see :-)

My no coffee challenge officially begins February 1st. I'm sure I'll dedicate that month to working on this one as a way to metaphorically enjoy coffee...or something?


  1. WOW! Good luck on the no coffee challenge. I am sure you can get through it. Just keep plenty of stitching and books by your side!!!

    Your design sounds like it's gonna look great!

  2. Straws maybe beside your books. to funny in a warped sense of the way...
    Be always in stitches.

  3. Wow not just a no coffee challenge but a no caffeine? Good luck!

    Love all your starts.