Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Up For a Challenge?

No, no, no....not a crazy cross stitching challenge, silly!!!

I'm considering taking on another challenge. Here's the story:

This morning at work, a co-worker, Ryan, and I were having a conversation about his recent vegetarianism. We spent quite a bit of time arguing and debating things, and in the heat of the moment I challenged him to become a vegan for a month. He wavered, saying that he relies a lot on eggs and cheese for nutrients. So of course, I came back with "well good, because I don't think you could do it anyways," knowing from years of experience that the best way to get someone to do something is to tell them that they can't. He smiled, shrugged his shoulders in his Ryan way, and thought for a moment.

Then came the challenge.....

"I'll do it....but only if you give up coffee for a month."


"Seriously? You're here with me every morning at 5 and you want me to give up coffee? Do you understand what you're saying?"

He continued smiling and said that's the deal. If I would agree to give up coffee, he would try to be vegan for a month.

I told him I'd have to think about it.

I came home and consulted my best friend Erin, asking if she thought it would be a good idea. Her response was "that could potentially be very, very bad."

I then thought back to one specific day on a trip Erin and I took a couple of years ago. It was about 2pm and we had been so busy and not in the convenient area of a coffee shop, and I was in a terrible mood, had a headache, and didn't want to co-operate with anyone or anything. She asked what was wrong, and I said I didn't know. She asked how many cups of coffee I had so far. I thought about it and said "none." Her response to that was "God help us all."

Yep...that sums it all up.

That being said, I'm really not one to turn down a challenge. So......?


  1. So, switch to something else with caffeine in it to get you through, lol! Soda would be a good caffeinated option. ;D Good luck either way.

  2. Bravo to you!!! I LOVE my coffee too, about as much as it sounds like you do~~ BUT, I love a good challenge even better...so, hang in there girl and YOU CAN DO IT~~~ Show em you can!!

    Take care....Faye

  3. So how is it going? I hope you get caffeine another way or it's going to be brutal!