Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crazy January Challenge- Day 9

Project 9: Gardening Chick- Valerie Pfeiffer

I bought this pattern a few months ago because it reminded me of my Mom...she's always outside with a rake or a shovel in her gardens. It wasn't originally on my list but I'm going to swap it for something else...still thinking about which one...

Today was a pretty big deal for me and my running buddies....we ran 16k for the first time! Not only did we run 16, we jumped right from 10k to 16k, skipping 12 and 14. Not at all reccommended by the way...pretty stupid idea...but we're between teaching clinics right now and decided to jump in with the half marathon group, who happens to be at 16. So, at 8:30 this morning we set out for a very long and painful run. The conditions weren't ideal- it was -17 with the windchill. My lungs ached, I couldn't breathe at all...and the instructor had chosen a particularily hilly route. Around 10k we all started to have some issues. None of us had eaten of my hands was tingly and I was seeing spots...Erin was dizzy...and thankfully Todd had Sharkies (sport snacks) in his pocket...they kept us going. Erin started limping because of a major shin issue...I could feel one of my toes getting more and more sore until a piece of it (an extreme callus or blister) broke off and it started bleeding...Todd was in good shape and kept us going! We weren't even the last in the group to finish...but it took just under 2 hours...pretty slow. Now I'm coughing up chunks of lung (not really, but it feels like it hahaha), and everything hurts....but we did it!!!!!!!

So after that traumatic experience I decided I would never be warm again unless I got into a bath. I only have a shower at my house so I drove over to my parents to steal the use of their bathtub and epsom salts. Their house is FREEZING though...and I still don't think I'll ever be warm again! It's so cold here that Cooper stole all of the blankets....


  1. Other than your stitching start, it sounds like a brutal day!

  2. Wow! What an awesome run and what a troper you are. I'm training for a 10K but I am not running outside until the snow is almost gone!!!

  3. Points to you for being able to complete a 16K run!

    Great start. I bet it will look real cute when It's finished! :)

    Aw, Cooper looks absolutely precious! He's got the right idea to keep warm!

    Happy Stitching

  4. I'm cold and sore just thinking about it! Try some tea--warm yourself from the inside. (Herbal, of course.)