Thursday, November 3, 2011


There's only a month left until my puppy will be born! I'm getting really excited, and I even got to go visit the puppy parents this past weekend. They're Shiloh Shepherds, and absolutely amazing. Here are a couple of pics from my visit...

Zeus, the father

Envy, the mother

A few of you seemed really interested in my nutrition tips from the lecture I went to I'll offer another one today! Don't be afraid of fat. As long as it's good fat, it's necessary. Did you know that if you eat a carrot on its own you're getting tons of Beta Carotene, and you should be getting lots of Vitamin A too. But Vitamin A is fat soluble and can only be absorbed by the body if you eat it with a fat! Interesting!!

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  1. Those Shiloh Shepherds are amazing dogs, I have wanted one for a very long time.