Saturday, November 12, 2011

You're Getting Sleepy....Verrrryyyy Sleeeepppyyyyy

My roommate and I went to a psychic fair today! It was an....interesting (?) experience, you could say. I'm not really sure why we went. I heard about it on the radio and mentioned it in casual conversation, and she wanted to go. So, off we went!

We went to a lecture on hypnosis and the speaker was amazing. I can't even remember her awful is that?! Anyways, she was really funny, and had the most amazing voice that really just got inside of you, ya know?

She led us all in a relaxation hypnosis which was a really cool experience. As I went deeper into it and I could feel myself literally sinking out of my body. head was there, but I could see myself moving lower, yet my head was staying in the same place. I know, it doesn't really made much sense.

It was a neat experience.....we didn't get any psychic readings done, but it was a cool afternoon anyways.

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  1. For a while I was using a hypnosis cd for weight loss. It was the easiest time I've ever had losing weight! I definitely believe in hypnosis but psychic readings...?