Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 In Review

As 2011 is coming to a close in just a few short days, I've started thinking about the past year and what I've accomplished. I've also started thinking about what challenges in stitching and in life I'd like to work on in the coming year.

So I dragged myself a whole year back in blogging to check out my 2011 resolutions. They included:

1. Complete the Crazy January Challenge
2. Wash my car more often
3. Run a half marathon
4. Be more organized
5. Be more grateful

I'm happy to be able to say that I did run a half marathon (YEAHHHH), I washed my care once or twice, which was more than it had been washed the year before, I moved into a house which forced me to become a little bit more organized (although this one could still use work), and being more grateful is an ongoing practice that I've been working at all year.

I'm glad that I decided to use this blog as a way of tracking the books I read as well (see "Books Read in 2011" page) and am happy with the outcome- 18 books. That's more than one a month, plus work, school and, that's an accomplishment for 2011!

As for the Crazy January Challenge....well....let's just say that because of it, I'm not joining the WIPocalypse hahaha! I did finish a few pieces that I was very happy with, including "Zippity-do-da" and the German Shepherd. I also made significant progress on "Catch the Wind" and "The Bookshelf" which I hope to finish in the coming year.

I'll be back on New Year's Day with my new list of resolutions to work on in 2012!



  1. Sounds like you did awesome to me!! Good job on your resolutions! Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year! You had a lot of good things going on in 2011. Wishing you another wonderful year in 2012.

  3. Hi Jodie - nice to meet you! Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse for next year. I wanted to confirm that I've added you to the participant list. Looking forward to your progress next year!