Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My December Goal....

Is not very ambitious, BUT I think it's definately do-able! I'm notorious for setting goals and challenges up for myself and not finishing them. I've been like that ever since I was a little kid...my parents still make fun of me for being that way. I have a need to "go big or go home" because let me tell ya, the times that I actually DO finish one of these big goals, it feels awesome.

I'm sitting here at the museum with not much work to do today. It's very quiet....George and I are on our side-by-side computers. I can see that he's making notes from a WWII book...he's a retired university professor. I, for once, don't have any school work to do and I'm in between books (I just finished The Help, by the way- READ IT...I can't stress that enough, it's amazing).....so I've been catching up on all of your blogs for the past 2 hours.

It's been fantastic to see what you've all been up to! Sooo much good Christmasey stitching is happening out there! I recently finished Lizzie Kate's "Feelin' Festive" and made it into an ornament. This was my first ever attempt at "finishing" and it turned out really well. I was in such a rush to send it off to my friend Lizy in Texas as a Christmas present that I totally forgot to take a picture of it. But it did inspire me to stitch smaller projects but to actually put an effort into finishing them with backings, fabrics, ribbons and buttons.

So, my December stitching goal isn't huge, and hopefully I can actually motivate myself to get it done in time for Christmas. Here it is.....

I'm going to finish stitching "Once Upon a Tree" from last year, and actually finish it with fabric and ribbon (no picture, sorry....I'm not on my computer)

AND I'm going to start and finish this piece, from Chez Elisa:

Cute, right?! I'll keep you all updated on my progress of this classy piece!


  1. this time of year, I think our stitching goals need to be smaller, otherwise we get overwhelmed!
    I know I sure do!!!
    Congrats on the finishing of the ornament. Maybe Lizy will take a picture of it...

  2. You can do it! I've only finished one ornament and a couple of other things but I'm more confident now that I've done it once. I'm sure you are too!