Monday, March 14, 2011

Achilles St. Patrick's Day Race!

Phew, it sure feels good to be back!! My brother's had my computer for a few days fixing it and I've been totally LOST! It was tragic, I'm telling you!!!!! I'm so very behind on all of my blog reading, Facebook stalking, e-mailing, and YouTube watching! But on the plus side, I did stitch a lot! I'll post a pic tomorrow when it's light enough to take a decent picture :-)

For now, I have some pics from the Achilles St. Patrick's Day Race that Erin and I ran in yesterday. It was super-fun and very GREEN!

Our racekits had these shirts and the BEST mittens I've ever seen in my life in them...and Irish Spring soap too! Interesting...but cool!

There were 65 people from our run club that took a bus to Toronto for the race...we had to leave at 7am...which was REALLY know, because of the time change and all haha! The race started and ended at the Steam Whistle Brewery which was cool, we got "Irish Stew" and free beer after! The proceeds from this race went to Achilles Canada, a non-profit organization that supports disabled people in running.

It was a hard race for me because I've been off for a week and a half because of my teeth...and it did hurt them a lot to run on Sunday, but I'm glad I did anyways. My time was 30:31, my second best 5k time ever. Of the 65 people on our bus, Erin came in first and I came in we were excited!

Although all in all, I think the best part was that a few people made treats to eat on the trip home....4 different kinds of squares, cupcakes, chocolate bars, trail mix and oranges came past me a few times and they were delicious!

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