Friday, March 25, 2011

Juno Songwriter's Circle!

Yesterday Holly and I went to Toronto for the Juno Songwriter's Circle. We actually went to see Johnny Reid (he was hosting) but all of the performers ended up being fantastic! If any of you readers out there were in Toronto yesterday you know what a crazy snowstorm we ended up in!

As you can see, it was QUITE snowy! We couldn't even see where we were going or what streets we passed because we couldn't look up...BRRRRR!!! We met some friends for dinner beforehand and we looked like we had been caught in an avalanche or something after our 30 minute walk to the restaurant...LOL!

The show was great...Johnny was amazing, as usual...and equally exciting was the fact that first we saw his wife eating dinner at the same place we were, AND THEN she, along with one of my favourite bands The Stellas, were sitting in our row at the show...only 2 seats and an aisle away from us!! And when we left, we were standing soooo close to one of the Stellas that Holly got to rub  up against him! Haha! They seem super-nice, and if I wasn't such a wimp I would have totally talked to them during the intermission! It's a good thing I didn't though because I thought one of their names was Mary-Lou but it's actually Marylynne THAT would have been embarassing!!

Here's a video from last night of Johnny singing my favourite song of his. I tried to load the one I took but Blogger won't let I've added a link to a video of it that another audience member took. It's special to me because he wrote it for his grandmother after she died because they always talked on the phone every Sunday....and my Grandma and I used to talk every Sunday morning as well before she died, and now I talk to my Grandpa on Sundays. So this song....I just absolutely love it, and sometimes it even makes me cry..... pleeeeaaassseeeeeee click the link and listen- you'll be impressed :-)

We also got to see some cool performers like Dan Hill, who sang "Sometimes When We Touch," and the legendary Randy Bachman, Royal Wood, Luke Doucet, Sylvia Tyson, and Lynn Miles. Here are some pics!


  1. Brrrrrrrrr.... it looks cold!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love Sometimes When We Touch! It must've been amazing hearing it live.

  2. Hi,
    thank you for your comment on my finish it was so nice of you!!!! It looks like you enjoy your time!!!!

  3. What a neat experience! I have to admit I'm getting SOOOOO sick of winter!