Friday, March 11, 2011

Herb Of The Week: Dill

.....because I'm kinda weird.

I really like to cook, and anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with Rachael Ray...I love love love watching her cook. I live alone (well...I do have roommates but none of us really talk to eachother much LOL) so I usually cook just for me. Cooking for one person is one of the hardest things ever! There's always too many left-overs and I get bored so easily that I don't want the same thing two nights in a row. And it's easy to not bother cooking at all because it's way more fun to cook for someone than just for yourself. But I try to cook good meals most of the time...which leads me to my topic: herbs.

Rachael and other cooks I watch and read about are always using so many different herbs and they always seem to know which ones go with which foods, how much to put in, whether to use fresh or dried, etc., etc., etc. But I'm totally clueless. I know how to GROW herbs...I'm a pro at that. But when it comes to actually cooking with them, I have no idea!

So I decided to try out a different recipe with a different herb in it every week. This week I chose dill because a) it's my favourite, and b) Erin #2 gave me a recipe for a hot dill potato salad that I wanted to try.

Here's a pic of my dill-icious supper from tonight. Ha. Ha.

Salmon with lemon and dill, and hot dill potato salad- see recipe below!
 Erin #2's Hot Dill Potato Salad For One

Chop 1 potato and boil until the chunks break apart. Drain, and return to the hot pot.

Add a splash of red wine vinegar, and a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Season with 1 tbsp of dill, salt and pepper.

This is the easiest recipe ever, and it's soooo good!! Try it out, you'll be impressed :-)

I've been back at work for two days and unfortunately, my recovery isn't going very well! One of the holes is infected...the hole of the tooth that gave me the most trouble...go figure! And it's either spread and caused a throat infection..or....I'm getting a really bad cold. Either way it feels like I'm being stung by hundreds of bees every time I swallow. It's highly unpleasant.

I'm not overly impressed to be back. I was at my parents house for so long that I got really comfortable and wanted to stay forever! I miss them a lot sometimes. And my apartment flooded this morning. We've gotten a lot of rain in the past few days and a lot of snow melted...and drained right into my bedroom! Which is SUPER!! Haha! So...the cleanup's been fun! stitching to show today, but I've made some good progress on Catch the Wind, one of my larger Challenge pieces. I'll put some pics of that up tomorrow.

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  1. So sorry to hear that your recovery is not going well. :( Be sure to gargle with lots of salt water...tastes disgusting, but it really does work. Your dinner looks delicious...I also am a big fan of dill. :) Your bedroom flooding must have been a nasty shock. I hope the cleanup wasn't too bad and that nothing was damaged! Take care and heal quickly!!!

  2. So sorry you're not feeling much better. I had some trouble when I had mine done and missed a week of work but it sounds like you're doing much worse.

    I'm not a huge dill fan. But I do love rosemary (on roasted potatoes) and thyme (on roasted squash and zukes). I'm looking forward to seeing more of your herb experiments!

  3. Still, there's lots to be said for NOT living with your parents! I hope your recovery improves, and you heal quickly. Woman's Day magazine in January had a section about cooking for one.