Monday, January 23, 2012

My First Day as a Mama!!

Well, it finally happened, I picked up my puppy Finn yesterday! I'm not sure what I think quite yet. I LOVE him, he's perfect...but holy crap it's a lot of work!

I got off pretty lucky because I was assigned the most laid-back of all the puppies. He slept for the whole 2 hour ride home...

...and then slept some more when we got home...

...then he posed for a "welcome home" picture

And then he played with Holly and Cait for a while...

Annnnnnnd back to sleep!

I think my second thoughts stem from the fact that, as a Shiloh Shepherd, he'll weigh between 120 and 130 pounds when he's full grown, which means I have to, without question, have him trained properly to listen to me. Having an out of control dog who weighs more than you do is a bad, bad idea. All of the training techniques I studied seemed so easy in theory but now that he's actually here, there's nothing easy about it! YEEK!


  1. Puppies ARE a lot of work and some stay like a puppy for the whole first year. Best of luck. Can't wait to see more posts.

  2. Puppies are a huge amount of work. But he is so cute

  3. he is adorable, but, just like a baby....a lot of work...enjoy your new puppy!

  4. Aww... he's so cute and yes about as much work as a baby but worth it :-)

  5. He is so adorable. I am sure you will get tons of puppy kisses.

    Yes, he will be lots of work. But it is very worth it. I love the Brittany Spaniel that Rooster found two years ago. I am not a dog person, but she is really great. I feel good with her here as we spend alot of time alone at the apartment because of Rooster's work schedule. She lets me know if anyone is about.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Your pup is adorable!! He is so cute. Look at those paws! He's going to be a big guy but oh so fun. :)

  7. Finn is simply too cute for words! Congrats to the new mama :)