Monday, April 19, 2010

AHHHHHHH Johnny Reid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly and I have been obsessively listening to Johnny Reid for months now. When one of his songs come on the radio at work everyone else knows they have to shut up so we can hear every single word, and whoever is closest to the radio knows that if we yell "JOHNNY!" they have to turn it up. Simply put, he is an amazing singer with a rare raw talent, and we love him!!!!

So imagine our excitement when, one very happy day last week, he announced new tour stops, and one of them included Oshawa, which is only an hour away!!!! I freaked, called Holly...she freaked, and we agreed that we would try to get the best tickets possible. This involved me getting up at 3am to start work at 4 in order to be finished by 11. Tickets went on sale at 10, but there was no way I could swing that. WELL......

We got tickets in row 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! Sooo close! We are SO excited!!!!!!

Too bad the concert isn't until November LOL!


  1. I want you to know I am so jealous. I love Johnny. I just found out recently that he played football for Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec. I went to a high school just minutes away from there. I can't wait to go home this summer and see if any of my family members know about him. I also know a few coaches at Bishops, I am going to check this all out. He is a great singer, isn't he????

  2. Sorry the comment listed as from Rachel is actually from me (Kerry) every once in a while my daughter uses my computer and her name comes up on my blog. I must learn to check after she has been for a visit. Sorry about that!

  3. No problem Kerri! LOL, I'm so jealous of your close Johnny connection! We just bought his Live at the Jubilee DVD and in it he goes out into the audience and picks someone to dance KNOW what our newest obsession is now! He's AMAZING!!! I'll of course let you know how the concert November :-)