Friday, April 23, 2010

Boston Cream Timbits?!

Yep...I know what you're thinking...there's no such thing!

But wait...there is!

I'm currently training for a 5k race with the Running Room. Tuesday nights are clinic nights, so only the people in my group are there, but Wednesday nights are training nights, so EVERYONE is there...from Learn to Run people all the way up to marathon people.

Well, this past Wednesday a few people from my club had just returned from running in the Boston Marathon and to celebrate, the Running Room people specially ordered a ton of bostom cream timbits, which they don't make usually, but agreed to make specially for us. So after our runs we all got a timbit!

I'm telling you, these were the most adorable little timbits I've EVER seen! I wish Tims would make them on a regular basis becuase I want more!

Just thought I'd share...I bet you want one now too :-)


  1. Well Jodie, you know...that is just

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. My First Gray hare is Bitty Bud #2 by 4 my Boys - that is the name of the pattern.

  3. Tina- LOL I know, I'm sorry! I was just so excited, I couldn't help it!