Monday, April 19, 2010

Frosty Goes On Vacation!

...Sir Frederick Frosty, that is!

Frosty has decided to take a little vacation, at my friend Holly's house! She finished stitching a Christmas stocking for her daughter Caitlyn a couple months ago, but hasn't started another project.

Since I started workingo n Frosty, I frequently joke that Holly could take him and work on him for a while. She quite often talks about different projects she and her sister in-law stitched together in the past, and I would always respond with "let's work on Frosty together!" and she always laughs and says "no way, I can't even see the holes in your cloth!"

But things took an interesting turn last week while another friend and I were discussing our current projects and Holly got jealous that she didn't have anything to work on. She then asked if she could work on Frosty while I worked on the donkey. And she was serious!!! So the next day I ceremoniously handed Frosty over for a little vacation at Holly's house. She was very scared to start working on him, but I told her that although he's intimidating, deep down he's just as scared of her as she is of him hahaha. And that night, I received some pretty humorous text messeges about her progress:

"I can't see. Seriously I CANT see! I'm going to search for a magnifying glass"

"I can't do it! Haha it's not funny, I'm blind! It took me all that time to do 3 stitches holding a magnifying glass. Going somewhere after work to buy a proper magnifying glass."

"Oh man my eyes feel like they are 90. I've stitched for an hour, and you can't tell at all. I'm so impressed you've done all that!"

Since that first day Holly has bought a clip-on light up magnifying glass, and is making better progress :-) I was extremely amused by her reaction to Frosty.

I started a little project on Friday, and finished stitching it today. It's a secret! It's for my best friend Erin who sometimes reads this blog, so I can't tell you all what it is or show you a picture until I give it to her. But it turned out really's cute, and I'm excited about it!

Progress on Earl Grey (Singing Free) has been slow, but not bad. I'm working a little bit every day, and having a blast! The name Earl Grey came from Tina from and I love it! She pointed out that it was perfect since I love donkeys, and tea, and I agree!!

Well, I think that's the extent of my stitching for the past week! I hope you all have a wonderful night :-)


  1. Isn't it fun to stitch? I loved doing the donkey part, but the sunflowers got to me each time...mind you I did five of them. All different,parts by choice, parts because I guess I can't count right lol...but who will know anyway. Have fun stitching!

  2. That is just too fun sharing a project with a friend.

    I like the name of the donkey too!

  3. Tina- I actually predicted the same problem so I decided to stitch the flowers first! LOL that way I HAVE to get through them to get to the donkey...and by the 5th one I can imagine how tired of those freaking sunflowers you must be!!

    Jules- I think it's a fun idea too, I'm pretty excited :-)