Monday, April 12, 2010

My Trip to London

As I mentioned earlier, I just got home from visiting my best friend Erin in London for the last 5 days. I feel like I haven't been in months between being in Southampton and London...but I didn't have much of a choice about timing, becuase starting tomorrow I have to work 6 days/week until the end of July. That makes me sad. LOL!

I worked Wednesday morning, then stopped at Holly's for pie and coffee. I then departed on the daunting 5 hour drive to London. I know it isn't THAT far, but when you're alone and have the boredom issues I have, it seems really, really long.

On Thursday Erin had school for most of the day. She's taking Landscape Design at Fanshawe College, which I think looks really cool. So I went with her and tried to get as much of my own school work done in the library while she was in class. After she was finished school we went to Chapters to read magazines, which is one of our most favourite things to do. We also tried to plan our upcoming summer trip to Eastern Canada (mostly PEI I think?) but we didn't get much done. We eventually realized that it was like 8pm and we had been there far too long, and decided to go get some dinner.

On Friday I went for a plant walk with her class, which would have been interesting if I knew how to speak Latin hahaha. I was a little lost. And cold. I somehow forgot to bring a winter coat with me. So I layered and layered until I could hardly move, and was warm. Until it started snowing. Yep, that's right, it snowed ALL day. After her plant walk we walked around downtown, and found a really cool indoor market. And inside the market was the Tea Haus, which was filled with hundreds of different loose leaf teas. We spent a LONG time in there.

We then continued our walk and ended up a little lost, becuase we kept following pretty things and had wondered much further than we thought. By the time we got back, we were exhausted and did nothing.
On Saturday we went to a cross stitch store called Thread and Eye. This was definately the highlight of my trip, aside from seeing Erin of course. I immediately noticed Lizzie Kate patterns, which the stores in Peterborough don't carry, so I was excited. I bought this one:

I was conflicted between this one, and a very similar one that was coffee themed because it's a long running joke among my friends that I have a major coffee problem. When I go away on vacation or to visit I generally don't keep up with my coffee quota, which concerns the people I'm with because apparently I need it. LOL! But on the other hand, tea is something that I ENJOY rather than need, and I have several friends who also enjoy tea, so this one will be more useful...I can stitch for myself AND for my fellow tea-loving friends :-)

And, Erin just happened to find a donkey pattern! I LOVE could even say I have a passion for donkeys. I don't know why, I just do. I collect donkey anything, and this pattern will make an excellent addition to my donkey stash!

I went to Michaels today and picked up the floss I need. I actually decided to change his colour to grey rather than brown so that he'll look like the grey donkeys I met in Oatman Arizona last summer. singing donkey needs a name....... :-)


  1. Very cool pictures and great stash! The donkey is especially cute!!

  2. How exciting you have discovered The Thread and Eye. I love the store I go there as often as I can. The owners Kathy and Neale are the nicest people, so helpful and nice.
    The donkey pattern is very cute. My friend Martina has finished about 5 of them. She volunteers at the donkey santuary in Guelph. She is crazy about donkeys!
    Have a great day.

  3. Sounds like a great trip and wonderful stash. If you love donkeys, have your seen this blog - she has free charts with all kinds of donkeys - very cute!

  4. Kerry- It's so funny actually, I linked to Martina's blog about a week ago from somewhere else, and the day after I bought my donkey pattern she posted about the same pattern on her blog! I wish I was closer to Guelph, it must be amazing to volunteer at the donkey sanctuary! I loved The Thread and Eye, and the people working there were awesome!

    Carolyn- Thank you SO MUCH for this link! I wish I could read French, it looks really interesting! I just printed a few of the donkey patterns off and can't wait to get started, they're adorable!!

  5. Well you could name the grey donkey....Earl Grey lol...there is actually a donkey with that name at the sanctuary, you love tea and you love donkeys....I think that would be appropriate....