Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Un-Stitchy Week

As my title suggests, there was no stitching happening in the last week. Unfortunately, all of my time has been spent doing only four things: working, studying, running, and trying to win Johnny Reid tickets.

Haha I'm quie sure we're all gonna get fired over the Johnny Reid ticket debacle. Two of my friends and I work in the back produce cooler in a grocery store and the radio station we listen to is giving away 4 tickets to his Massey Hall show at the end of next week. Yes, I know we already have tickets to TOMORROW'S show, but Massey Hall is an amazing, beautiful place...and seriously, who wouldn't want to see him twice? Plus..the limo transportation that's provided sounds pretty awesome too. So the deal is, when you hear the cue to call, you call, and have to be caller 12. This happens every half hour. Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to have our cell phones anywhere in the building other than the lunchroom or locker was a certain amount of rule-breaking going on all week.

Every time we heard the fancy "call now" music, we all whip out our phones and run into the cooler to hide behind big boxes, trying desperately to get through. It was maybe a little too obvious when we recruited a few other people to help people started to get suspicious when our entire produce staff randomly disappeared into the cooler every half hour. My boss asked what was going on....we said nothing, and smiled sweetly. He shook his head and told us we were being weird, then asked if it had something to do with "that Johnny Reeves guy" LOL!

His suspicions were confirmed when, working alone yesterday, I heard the cue to call, ran into the cooler...and alas...the phone was ringing!!!!! I ran into a corner and waited. Then Shawn popped up from behind another box...and our conversation went something like this:

Shawn: Hey! What are you doing?

Me:'s ringing!

Shawn: Hey! Hang up! You can't do that back here!

Me: quiet!

Shawn: Seriously, hang up! Who are you calling??

Me: Watch the door! I could be caller 12!

Shawn: F***, you're gonna get us both in sh**!

Me: Not if you watch the door!

Shawn: Dave's out there walking around, he could come back here and catch us!

Me: Then watch the door!

So he did. poor boss...the things we do to him!

And....if you're still with me...I was caller 11. That made it official- I've been every single caller, except 12. All we have left is this afternoon.....then we're out of luck! One of the three of us got through once, so his name is now in the draw for at least we have a chance!

Anyways, thought you might enjoy my slightly funny story this morning. And I promise, after tomorrow night, the obsessive Johnny chatter will end :-P

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. That was funny. Hope you win. No harm in trying to win tickets.

  2. Have fun with the tickets when you win. My DH is always doing that too and he has had some pretty impressive wins. Gotta keep the day interesting and it passes time.
    Be always in stitches.

  3. You are the winner of my giveaway. Please email me your address by Monday. (11-15-10)

  4. How funny! Your boss certainly knew what was going on and he's clearly ok with it. I'd think of it as a team building exercise myself! :)

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